Mother nature knows better. Yes, I said it, I meant it, I’m here to represent it. One of the few gifts that she has given us is fruit. I mean, we all love one or two bananas, depending on the appetite, for breakfast. Orange is full of vitamin C, and an apple every day keeps the doctor away.

So… we briefly spoke about the time when we eat and why we eat em. But how about the pairing? We all come in pairs, or so they say, but what’s the best way to couple up some of nature’s most tasty creations, with one that’s been around for almost nine thousand years?

Yeah, you guessed it… I’m talking about wine.

I was brave enough to get tipsy on wine with my flatmates for two weeks in order to make a top 3 list of my favorite pairings. Of course, we were all very happy about this research part. We all seemed to agree on how much we loved combining red-colored fruits, such as strawberries and cherries with bubbles. But let’s leave the bubbles behind… They are too obvious I guess.

Tropic or eastern Asia appear constantly in one’s mind when chewing mangoes and sipping on a Sauvignon Blanc. It’s all a savage confrontation in between the freshness of good acidity against and the sugary treat that mango is, bringing the perfect balance for a sunny Sunday.

Staying on the sunny road, we found ourselves enjoying a lovely rosé that kept us falling on the sweet side. ‘’We need to make it creamy’’ said, my friend Maria. It all sounds already too sexy to be the truth. But bananas made the whole experience as sexy as Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

As redundant as it is, I need to be honest about my picks. And bananas came knocking down every other competitor. When I mixed em with a wine that came from Valle de Calchaqui in Argentina, it felt like an angel punched me right in the mouth, and left the sweetest and most spectacular taste on my palate… But then again, we are all different and so is what we enjoy. What I’m basically saying is: The road is paved, now you have to ride it. For that reason I recommend you, the reader,  to go and find out, with a couple of good pals and some wine glasses, knives, and a truck filled with imagination what your favorite combination is.