Mesoamerica … it was in Mesoamerica, where ancient containers were discovered, dating back to 1900 BC, which showed samples of the “chemical footprint” left by the consumption of this delicious product.

Mr Carlos Linneo named it “Theobroma”, which translates to “Food of the gods”. And he was not wrong, since the handsome men that were the Aztecs and the Mayans worshipped the fruit in a godly way. And I say handsome because well… we all know the antioxidants, toning and energizing power that cocoa can give us.

Now… All human beings, or well almost all; because I suppose there may be one or another that doesn’t, but almost all of us have had contact with cocoa. And we have all given it a different meaning. In moments of anguish or sadness, the taste of chocolate, whether in ice cream, or bar, white, or black, or milky, seems to ignite areas of our brain that will make us smile. Other family occasions invite us to take it, sometimes for nine straight days in a row until we open the gifts from the tree, every 24th of December. It’s just the way it happens in Colombia. But I’m going to talk about the sexiest of all options …

Out of nowhere, as if God, the universe, Ala, or whoever… seem to have made the fruits sensual by nature. Bananas may be one of the most obvious because of its, let’s call it banana shape. But the red of the strawberry, the sourness of the gooseberry, or the soft-hairy-sweetness of the mango can make a sensual occasion ten times better if you just let go off your imagination for a walk in the park.

Now, what happens when you combine these two sexy products in a sensual situation, should be left only for the room, or the living, or wherever you like it better. Bye.